Contribute to open source - Help us translate Serverless Invoices into your language!

Serverless Invoices is a free invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses. Made with Vue.js.

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Serverless Invoices just got a big update (mobile support, pwa support, multiple taxes, custom fields, i18n). i18n - internationalization - enables translating applications in a systemized manner.

Currently we have English and Estonian. Do you speak Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi or any other amazing language? We would be happy to add your language with some help from you.

How to submit

  1. Fork our github repo
  2. Make your changes*
  3. Submit a pull request.

*Each component has a corresponding locale file in public/locales/{locale}. There's around 130 total strings to be translated per language.

Let us know if you need any additional directions.

Learn i18n

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See you next time!

Comments (2)

Muhammad Mustafa's photo

Marek Fraczyk I was impressed with the idea and wanted to contribute. So I did made a pull request for Persian language as I am Persian speaking.

Kindly, have a look on that.


Marek Fraczyk's photo

@MustafaNatiq Thank you so much! I'm sure your fellow Persians will appreciate your work!